Walking Dead Our World- Platform to show Unity 

You know very well the games real enjoy comes when we play with our friends. Many games are available in the market to play with the friend but Walking Dead Our World is a unique game. In the game, you can make own team with friends and go into the missions. It is possible with Facebook means via attaching the account with Facebook you can create own team. Many types of challenges are available to play with friends. You can find the zombie and kill it to complete the missions. Some exciting features are available which make the game accessible. So today we talk about those things.

Detail about the group-

We all know that in the game we create own group, but some people do not know about the rule. So today we talk about the group term and condition.

Limit of a group-

In the game group limit is 25 persons. It means more than 25 people not enter into the game. The less than 25 people take entry into the group, but more than 25 people do not enter into the groups. So that information keeps at the time of creating a group.


The challenges are the critical part of every game. In this game the group challenges are available. It means when you play into the group mode then the different tasks are coming. Via completing the missions, you earn the coins. The best feature is that when you complete the task, then your friend also receive some coins. It means each the group members when complete the tasks then all members receive the rewards. So it is the best platform to show your all friends strength or unity. So always play with your friends via making the group. In other words, we can also say that it is good way to earn free coins but the best way earn coins is by trying Walking Dead Our World Hack.