The Ultimate Guide To Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The Ultimate Guide To Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is an online game created by Jam City for Android and iOS devices.  To start playing the game, players should take help from the tutorial which can help them to learn the different techniques to play the game.  Well, this game is also gaining popularity among those who love to watch the harry potter series.  In this game, you can see your favorite characters alive and it also helps you to have an unlimited gaming experience. The game will start with the interesting storyline and lots of amazing features that can make you addicted to the game.

There are lots of issues that you have to solve in the hp hogwarts mystery in order to make progress with ease. There are many quests that you have to complete and various challenges in which you should take part. Some of the features are locked in the game that you can unlock or explore after leveling up in the game.

House cup

There are many events in the game and annual house cup is the biggest event. All of the students have a responsibility to earn lots of house points so that they can help their house to win. Students always get some points in the form of rewards after performing better during the class. Students whose behavior is good are also getting lots of rewards in the game. There are lots of things that players can do in order to get plenty of rewards and points which are really beneficial for them. Players can attend classes in order to earn currency and house points. There are some points that are listed below:

·         Attend classes: there are a lot of classes that you have to attend in order to earn currency and in-game resources. They can also get the house points and attributes. Before going to get started in a class, there are lots of options can be seen near the start button. There are different types of time span for which players can attend the classes. You can earn more stars in the long class whereas a few numbers of stars in a class with the small time span. There are many mini-games that are also the best option to earn additional rewards you can get Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack.  

·         Answering dialogues: In order to play a story, there are lots of things for which you can answer. It is also important to pay attention to the game while playing it. If you are going to play the game smartly with your professors then maybe some points will also get deducted. It is also important to answer the dialogues carefully and try to answer it by choosing the right option. There are some good choices or responses are locked and for this, you have to pay the attributes points.

·         Try to be a good student: there are many players who are winning the rewards without doing anything. Being a good classmate is also one of the best techniques to win different rewards in the game. You don’t need to make efforts or to waste your time to earn rewards or house points in the game. You can also able to win rewards after helping the people as more as you can. There are many other things that you have to know first before going to start playing the game.

In addition, there are plenty of things by which you can earn house points in the game. You also need to check out some other beneficial information about the game to enhance your knowledge.

Additional tips

There are many players who are facing lots of issues due to the different reasons while playing the game. In this case, there are lots of tips and tricks provided by the experienced players that you can also follow in order to get out of all the issues that you are facing. You also need to follow the tutorial in order to learn more about the game. With the help of this, you can easily tackle all the issues with ease and also able to earn lots of currencies and resources in the game. try to be smart while paying the game to get some additional benefits.