Rules of Survival: Gameplay, Tricks and More

Rules of Survival: Gameplay, Tricks and More

Rules of survival is an online device based multiplayer battle game with similar kind of game mechanics found in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) and Fortnight. Go in the game, either unaccompanied or with equal to four additional players, and make yourself prepared to enter a competition for the survival of the fittest counter to 120 other companies.


System Requirement

Since the game has been specially crafted for the mobile gaming platform system requirement would rarely be an issue to stop someone playing the game.

Google Play mentions a requirement of Android 4.0 and up whereas on iOS App store asks for a minimum requirement of iOS 7.0 or later. Both these requirements are fulfilled by nearly almost all mobile devices nowadays.



Game Play

Similar to all other survival games, this game also, reserves almost closely the same module of operation & functioning of the game. The game stocks almost identical gameplay and features as Battle Game Royale or Last Battleground: Survival. Yet, the query that pops up is that the game is slightly better than them or is just as mystifying as PUBG.

Assemble many obtainable gears and arms and compete or kill anybody who you see if already they don’t get to kill you.

Tactically air drop into the game’s huge island and rush to ruck artillery, armor, and additional resources to assist you in the contest. Go face-to-face with other players or go in stealth and wait for the crowds to finish each other off, through the ultimate goal of being the last player upended.


Modes to play

The primary thing to take note of when you’re giving it a go in Rules of Survival is that different modes are available to pay, specifically —3 (three) in whole.

Ø  Solo or unaccompanied: Player counters everyone on the map

Ø  Couples: Couple comprises of a set of 2 players, where you and your companion fight against other squads of dual.

Ø  Team play: A team of 3 players counter to other squads of the same quantity.

You can choose which mode you are willing to play at the main menu, next you pick the Rules Of Survival cheats 2018 that you like to log inside. Pick a mode that suits your playing style, and then dive off the plane to play it.


Guns to choose

Assault Rifles-

Ø  M14EBR: This is hands down the best rifle if you want to take on enemies in medium-long range since it has little to no recoil. To put the icing on the cake.

Ø  AKM: My personal favorite!! This rifle has the best damage out of all the other ARs with a range that varies from medium to short range. The downside? TERRIBLE recoil. The reason why I would choose this rifle over an EBR is because it allows me to tap 3 to 4 people easily in med. range.

Ø  M4a1 / AR-15: I lumped these two together since stat wise, these two are almost identical albeit some small recoil and damage difference. The m4a1 being a bit more stable and the ar-15 dishing out more damage.

Stoner Rifles-

Ø  AWM: Takes 2 shots to kill and it comes with a 4x scope. Very good during early game especially in those situations where you have an AR with no scope/SMG/Shotgun but the rival is pretty far.

Ø  SVD: Semi-automatic, 3 – 4 taps in med. range. Comes with a scope.

Ø  SMGs-

Ø  PP19: High rate of fire but vertical and horizontal recoil is all over the place.

Ø  Mp7: Well-rounded SMG. I tend to use this if I have an SMG silencer but no Thompson.

Ø  Thompson: The only SMG worth picking up and bringing to late game. Excellent vertical recoil if you can find an upright grip and a compensator.


Ø  M1887: Holds 2 rounds. Best shotgun in my judgment as it permits for 2 quick shots BUT if you somehow potato the 2 shots.

Ø  M870: Holds 5 rounds, has a delay between shots. Top shotgun to use if you think that you might potato a few shots.

Ø  AA12: Automatic, lowest damage among the shotguns, shots are very widespread. Still a good shotgun if you involve people within 5 meters.

“………………My suggestion of a loadout is- AKM/m870 or Barret or M14EBR/m870 or Barret.”