Learn Everything about Darkness Rise

The Darkness Rises is developed by Nexon Company.  In the whole world, it is best role play game. Many fights are available in it like boos fight. You can also create the character in the game. Four types of classes are available for all kinds of player. For the beginners best class is the warrior. Many features are available like customizing your character, face your enemies, and many other features are available in it. All the tasks are action and adventure tasks. You can also upgrade your character means to make your character more powerful via the upgrading. The currencies are also available in it by getting with Darkness Rises Hack.


Many kinds of features are available in it. All the features make this game more popular. So now I tell you the feature of the game. And give the detail about all features. Follow the features.

  1. Create your Character-

The character is the best part of the game. If you are beginners and you don’t know about the game, then I tell you. Firstly download the game. After download, the game opens it. Then you see the character customization screen. That is best option to create own character. You can also change the body shape; change the eyebrows and other body parts like face and others. After creating your character select the start button.  From these steps, you can make the character in it.

  1. Face the enemies-

It is the best reason for making this game popular. After creating the character, the ballet will start in your enemies. It means you need to pay attention to what your character is doing during the battle. So face the enemies not run out. Try to beat on the back of the enemies.

  1. Skills-

Your character has multiple sets of talent like PVE, Co-op, and Duel PVP. That is so important to improve your playing skill. Skill is useful for unlocking level up. Always upgrade your skill as per possible. You also update your skill via the help of gold and coins. The skill improvement is so required for level up.

  1. Features-

Much of futures are available in it when you start out. These all features are upgraded as per the level. Different features are unlocked on various stages. The features are open in different areas. These all the features make this game more popular. Some features are open on different stages. These are important features which make this game very popular. To unlocking the features init is very important.

  1. Adventure mode-

It is the early stages in the game. Via completing the adventure mode, you can unlock many features and much other recourse. The sequential is also best options to open the features and recourses. So it is the best mode to play the game and earn much recourse in game. These all recourse are so useful for the game.

  1. Quest-

Via the quest, you can earn many rewards and currencies. Via completing the quests, you receive many rewards as gems, gold, equipment and other recourses. If you are entered into quests, then complete those tasks necessary. Three types of the quest are available in it.

  1. MAIN QUEST- This is the based on the main game story.
  2. Weekly Quest- it is run on the weekly biased.
  3. Daily Activity- The daily activity is run on regular basis. You will receive 15 missions every day. After completing the mission, you will collect the rewards as coins and gems.


In the darkness classes, four types of classes are available. The warrior class is especially for beginners.

  1. Warrior- For a beginner player
  2. Wizard- For a normal level player
  3. Berserker- For high level
  4. Assassin- For the master of this game