Episode Choose Your Story- Enhance your knowledge now!

Episode Interactive recently launched their popular game Episode Choose Your Story for Android and IOS device. It is the best story game in all over the world. If you are a story lover and want to read daily unique stories then must download the game. It is the world most massive stories collection game. If you want to customize your avatar, then lots of options and things are available in it.

Important options-

In Episode Choose Your Story lots essential options are available which is useful for different activates. If you want to know about those options, the read the article. In it, all detail is given related to the main options.

  1. Home-

It is the first option of the main menu, and via this, you are able to see the lots of stories and characters. It is the main screen of the game and if you want to come on the main screen then taps on this button.

  1. Profile-

In this option, you are able to make own profile. With the help of the profile option, you can see your profile and give a unique look by using Episode Hack. Lots of clothes and fashionable items are available in this option.

  1. Genres-

It is the collection or category of stories. All the stories are dividing into categories, and with the help of this, you can find the stories easily.  In it eight categories are available.

  1. Romance- For reading the romantic stories.
  2. Drama- Collections of drama stories.
  3. Hollywood- For seeing the Hollywood stories.
  4. Fantasy- Fantasy related stories are available in it.
  5. Mystery- All the mystery episodes are available.
  6. Comedy-  Funniest stories are available in it.
  7. Action/ Adventure- If you are interested to read action stories then tap on action icon.
  8. Thriller/ horror- All the thriller and horror stories are available.