Choose and change avatar, build chat rooms and many more in IMVU game


Before moving further let’s have a small talk over IMVU game and concept of it. IMVU game has been developed for the players who like to use their imagination and creativity power to live the life of their dream. Here you can select gender of your choice and change it according to your wish. For instance body shape, hairstyle, cloths, place of living and never ending tasks of the game.

Before playing IMVU game offers to try the tutorial mode or level of the game so that you can come to know the main purpose of the game to play. You may also use IMVU Hack time to time whenever you find difficulty in completing the tasks of IMVU through your chosen character.

Worth doing tasks of IMVU game

  • When you start playing the game by using your imagination and creativity then there are certain numbers of tasks of the game that you have to do to have more fun in the game. These are written down:
    • Before using your hand with difficult tasks in the game, it is advised you to try tutorial mode of IMVU.
    • You ought not to purchase VIP of the game to have furniture in the house of avatar.
    • You should also try to make your chosen avatar of the game more attractive and charming so that you may lure other players towards your character.

Use different types of game Currency of IMVU

To make the game more fun and entertaining, you should try to use all types of game currency of IMVU. There are basically three types of game currency – Promo Credits, Regular Credits and Dev Credits. These three kinds of game Credits can be used for various different purposes in the game and can also be earned by IMVU Hack.