Monster legends is the most popular game in the mobile world

Monster legends is the most popular game in the mobile world

Many people love to play games on their mobile phone during their traveling or in their leisure time because it is the best kind of entertainment that makes a person forgets his emotional worries. The game developing companies are keenly watching the mobile game players and their interest in gaming and maximum of gaming sectors are conducting a survey about their games that they designed and released previously, and according to the survey result they will have a plan for releasing the sequels of their hit game. The multiplayer mode in the mobile games helps the player to create contact outside the game also, and many friends are jointly playing the mobile games that are offering the multiplayer option to have fun and amusement.

A different game got hit in the mobile gaming sector   

The monster legends are a monster fighting game which consists of challenging tasks to the players, and main advantage of the game is many players can play it simultaneously. The game play in the game is very understandable, and in the initial stage, the player has to build a monster paradise which is the home base and there he can create and feed his monster and also he can give battle training to the monsters. In this island the monsters are grown from little hatchlings to the most robust beast and pandalf is the helper monster in the game which makes the player in the comfort fighting zone and the player must complete the entire task given by the pandalf during the initial stage of the game. For constructing the island, you can buy the building habitats in the game store according to the breed which you are making to grow up, and after purchasing the habitat, you must choose a perfect place in the island to build it.

You can also buy the monster eggs in the game store, and the details of the monster’s eggs also will be given there to know earnings of the monster and battle information about it. For growing up the monster you need to feed them always and every time they are growing in higher level will intake the feeds in a considerable amount, and you can also buy a starter farm to self-feed the beasts. After leveling up the monsters, you have to choose the adventure map for fighting against the set of enemies and to reach the next level in the game which is dungeon battling.  

 Essential Tips for earning gold and gems in the game

The gold and gems are plays crucial role in the Monster legends game and using Monster Legends Cheats you can buy a new habitat, new monsters to your island. In this game, the gold and gems are earned by defeating the enemy player and getting funds from the idle monster’s habitat. The shortcut way to collect the gems and gold is by watching the promo and advertisements videos whenever it comes in the middle of the game. Another way to earn gems is finishing the surveys and entering into the services offered by the third party advertisers in the game. Also, you can make gold reward through posting your highest game points in the social networking sites such as Facebook and also using your real money you can purchase the gems and gold in the game store.